What We Do


Learning Space offers face-to-face courses in the following subjects:


Physical Science

Life Science

Our courses, which are delivered at our Tutorial Centre, are designed to complement the learning that takes place at school. The way that they do this is by focusing on the key competencies that learners must have in order to master a topic. Our tutorials are rigorous and their success is measured through the assessment of individual learner progress.

Courses typically run over one or two sessions with session times being chosen so as to fit into busy school and extra-curricular programmes.  


Learning Space courses are offered for the following academic levels:

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

The topics that are included in our courses mirror those described in subject syllabuses. For example, a Grade 11 Physics course may cover “Length, Time and Motion”, each of which are topics in the relevant syllabus which when grouped together make instructional sense. A learner who has completed such a course would be expected to have achieved a high level of mastery in Length, Time and Motion and be able to excel in examination questions which assess these topics.

A full listing of the courses that we offer can be found on our Courses Page.



Once you have made a decision as to which course you would like to enrol in, registration can be done either by email or by telephone. 

Email Registration: Simply send an email to info@mylearningspace.co.za listing the courses that you would like to register for. We will come back to you with payment details. 

      Telephone Registration: Please click here for our contact details. This registration option is available during normal working hours (9.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday).